HygieneWorx supplies and maintains rental equipment for washroom and kitchen hygiene.

Experts from HygieneWorx will evaluate and recommend the most cost effective and innovative hygiene products and equipment, which will be tailored to a company’s individual needs and budget.

  • Rental products and services
    • A guaranteed, seamless and streamlined service.
    • Free replacement and maintenance of all equipment after normal deterioration.
    • Weekly or fortnightly service schedules.
    • One point of contact.
  • Products
    • Paper hand towels, cotton roller towels and hot air hand dryers.
    • Automatic air fresheners – gel or aerosol.
    • SHE care systems with hands-free operation. Disposal will be in line with environmental regulations.
    • Toilet roll dispensers.
    • Toilet and urinal sanitising technology.
  • Services
    • Deep cleaning for washrooms, kitchens and canteens. This ensures a hygienic environment for employees, customers and guests.
    • Service consultants will assess individual requirements and design a maintenance schedule.
  • Value-added services
    • Branded dust control mats. These protect carpets from wear and tear and are the most effective way to trap the dust and particles which is largely brought in from the outside.
    • 100% grease-resistant anti-microbial kitchen mats. These reduce slippery conditions, minimising the potential for slip and fall accidents.