GarmentWorx offers a managed solution whereby your employees will be supplied with freshly laundered custom-sized and branded uniforms and workwear

Globally outsourcing workwear and laundry solutions are becoming an integral element in streamlining business efficiencies and in meeting hygiene standards and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Procedures) best practice. GarmentWorx, a division within ServWorx, was specifically created to meet this growing demand as more and more businesses are outsourcing these services. 

GarmentWorx offers a managed solution whereby your entire team will be supplied with custom-sized and branded workwear. We will assess your company’s specific workwear requirements and propose a solution to manage this. This will be based on the structure of the working week, with sufficient garments for each employee to put on a clean garment at the start of every shift.

The process will be manned by a dedicated team and staffed according to shift requirements so that at the end of each shift employees can turn in their used workwear and receive a clean garment, ready for the next shift.

There are numerous benefits in utilising a garment rental service:

From a health and safety point of view renting the team’s workwear ensures that, each day, team members report on site wearing sanitized workwear that aligns with HACCP best practice.

Team members always look clean and presentable and can be identified through personlised name tags and company logo and clock numbers – important from a security point of view.

In addition out-sourcing this key element of your day-to-day business will not only free up your logistical staff for other duties but also improve your employees’ free time and boost team spirit and loyalty. 

Benefits in utilising GarmentWorx

  • Fabric:
    • We recognise that one size does not fit all and therefore offer you a wide range of fabrics to choose from. These take into account your industry, climate, budget and above all the comfort of the wearer and budget.
    • Our fabric is of a superior quality.
    • For those industries which require a specialized solution our representatives will be able to assist you.
    • In addition we support local business as all our garments are manufactured in South Africa.
  • Innovation:
    • We can attached Radio Frequency (RF) chipping and bar coding to your garments. This is particularly effective if hygiene and HACCP are important to you.
    • The RF chips allow for a hi-tech sorting system accurate to 99,9%.
    • We can track each individual garment’s progress through the system and present to the company the number of changes each employee is using. If employees should lose or mislay a garment this will be recorded on the system.
  • Hygiene:
    • Workwear is disinfected during the wash process. Thereafter it passes though a steam tunnel finisher where garments are subject to 170 °C heat exposure which effectively kills any residual bacteria/pathogens.
    • In addition we utilise bacteriological and viracidal agents that greatly reduce the change of cross contamination.
  • Information Technology:          
    • Our web-based system offers you a number of unique features:
      • No guess work. It allows you to access the system to `view’ whether the wearers are utilising the system;
      • On-line ordering of garments;
      • On-line monitoring of the status of outstanding orders and your account;
      • On-line sending of accounts and statements directly to your creditors departments;
      • You can flag garments that need repair or to be withdrawn due to staff members leaving.
  • Environment:
    • One of our founding philosophies is minimum harm to the environment and our offering therefore represents one of the lowest carbon footprints available in this sector;
    • Washing technology –
      • Our technology achieves savings in energy and water consumption.
      • Without compromising hygiene standards, our eco-friendly detergents harness enzymes and ozone technology that reduce the amount of bleach required and allow for washing at lower temperatures;
      • GarmentWorx’s hi-tech washing technology limits water usage to 8 litres per kg.
  • Size changes:
  • A free size change is available at no charge, to accommodate employees whose garment size changes from the original issue.
  • Presentation:
  • Garments can either be presented folded or on a hangar, depending on customer preference.
  • Repairs:
  • Items with minor damage are identified and repaired free of charge.
  • Where garments are damaged beyond repair, as a result of fair wear and tear, we will replace the garment free of charge.
  • No upfront investment:
  • You never have to purchase your own company uniforms.
  • No residual value:
  • Should a worker leave your employ, you will not be billed for their garments. Instead these will be re-labeled and re-circulated.
  • One account per month:
  • A set monthly cost per employee which simplifies budgeting.
  • No hidden costs:
  • GarmentWorx offers a full service package.
  • Branding and positioning:
  • A clean and tidy workforce wearing neat and uniformly branded workwear will boost the professional image of your company.
  • Track record:
  • We have been in business since 1923 which makes us the longest running dry cleaning and laundering service in South Africa.


Value-added services

    • Time and attendance:
    • We are able to offer a unique time and attendance system utilizing our RF chip. You will be able to accurately monitor staff start and end times on a daily basis.
    • The system works on a real time basis.
    • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):
    • For employees who require PPE, we are able to dispense safety glasses, ear protection and gloves from the GarmentWorx on-site facility. This offering includes a glove reclamation service for cleaning and repair of safety gloves.
    • Change House Cleaning & Hygiene Services:
    • We offer a comprehensive cleaning and hygiene solution for your change house. Our specialists will assess your needs and provide site-specific solutions.
    • Towel service:
    • We can provide a freshly laundered bath towel for each employee at the same time as they collect their clean workwear for the next shift.